The University of Iowa owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seals, designs and symbols that have become associated with the institution. The University of Iowa has established a licensing program to protect the name and identifying marks of the university and to prohibit the unauthorized use of university marks on commercial or other products.

Outside organizations are often interested in being affiliated with The University of Iowa because of the value and goodwill that exist in the University’s brand. The University must protect the integrity of its brand by monitoring and controlling any activity associating an outside organization with the University, and ensure the University receives appropriate consideration for the use of its trademarks or brand.

Typically organizations interested in being associated with the University have been large companies offering corporate sponsorships to provide support for various programs, activities, or events managed by the University. There is increasing interest from small and medium-sized organizations in addition to large organizations looking to use sponsorships as a way to enhance their brand through an association with the University.

This policy describes the use of the university marks in connection with sponsors/sponsorships.


Sponsorship – A sponsorship is a form of advertising or marketing activity in which an entity (a person or organization) pays to be associated with the University of Iowa through print and electronic communications, as well as premium promotional items, with the effect of associating itself with the University.

Premium Promotional Item − A premium promotional item is a product produced by a licensed vendor for distribution that connects another company or group with the University either by reference or through use of one of the University’s marks. Premium Promotional Items carry an elevated royalty rate currently set at 12% of the cost of the item bearing the University’s mark.