A name or symbol or combination of both which identifies the source of a product or service. In the case of licensed goods, a trademark indicated affiliation or sponsor rather than producer. In practice, a trademark also enhances the desirability of a product and, when properly controlled, can increase the value of the product as well as the goodwill inherent in the mark. For the purposes of this document, “trademark” is used to indicate any or all of the following: trademark, trade name, service mark, logo, insignia, indicia, emblem, symbol, identifying mark, mark, and name.

Registered Trademark:

A trademark that has been registered with the federal government at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Federal registration provides additional protection against and remedies for trademark infringement.


Unauthorized use of a trademark that belongs to another, or use of a trademark as similar to that of another as to cause the likelihood of confusion in the minds of the public as to the source (affiliation or sponsorship) of the product or service.


One who contracts to allow another (Licensee) to use the licensor’s property (trademark) in exchange for payment, usually royalty as a percent of sales.


A sponsorship is a form of advertising or marketing activity in which an entity.

(A person or organization) pays to be associated with The University of Iowa through print and electronic communications, as well as premium promotional items, with the effect of associating itself with the University.

Premium Promotional Item:

A premium promotional item is a product produced by a licensed vendor for distribution that connects another company or group with the University either by reference or through use of one of the University’s marks. Premium Promotional Items carry a royalty rate currently set at 12% of the cost of the item bearing the University’s mark.

Cottage License:

Program that allows for independent artisans in the state of Iowa to participate in The University of Iowa’s licensing program by legally producing product adorned with the University’s marks and names. Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with The University of Iowa’s Licensing Program that grants permissions to individuals to produce and sell licensed product displaying The University of Iowa indicia. It is a great way for crafters to legally benefit from the popularity of Iowa’s institution.